CEO Greetings

We build 3D printing infrastructure

  • - to support realizing creative ideas
  • - to support making more creative jobs
  • - to wish Education, R&D, Design, Manufacturing and Supply Chain to be developed innovatively.
  • We contribute to realize 3D ECO-Life that fulfills better, more creative and more valuable product and ideas.
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Founder and CEO’s Vision

Break Taboo, Create, and be First

That is his way of business life. Mr. You has experienced an illustrious professional career. He started his career at Daewoo Motors (Currently GM Daewoo), became the youngest Managing Director at GM Daewoo, and captured 28% of the market share as GM Daewoo Poland's Managing Director. In 2001, Mr. You joined Tyco International during a tumultuous financial period. When Mr. You was promoted to lead the Asia Pacific region for Tyco, he managed to revamp the organization and improved delivery efficiency from 75 to 98%, increased Tyco's EBIT from 9 to 27%, generated 1.2 billion USD in revenue, and increased net cash flow by 300%. Mr. You is also responsible for developing the region's ERP and lean manufacturing/supply chain management systems. In 2007, Mr. You left Tyco and joined Celltrion, an early stage bio-tech company, as the CEO, Mr. You built Celltrion to become the number one bio-tech company in Korea, a company currently valued at 4.7 billion USD.

Within a year and a half, Mr. You established a global sales and logistics network of 120 offices for Celltrion. Mr. You decided to leave Celltrion, a company he built from the ground up, with a vision to share his management expertise with companies across the globe that want to maximize their impact. Mr. You wants to finish his professional career with the knowledge that he added as much value to as many areas as he could. Mr. You concluded that the best way to achieve this vision was to establish a company, with like-minded individuals that could help companies across various industries maximize their impact throughout the globe. ROKIT is the culmination of Mr. You's career and his vision in tangible form. Mr. You developed and structured this company to align ROKIT's mission statement not only with his vision but also with the future of every client.


Share the fruit of creativity
We are not a big company but we are trying to achieve greater
mission and social vision.

“Sharing of profit from creation” beyond the typical business, ROKIT
planned to accumulate 10,000won per selling price in Creativity
development fund as the name of customer.
Creativity development fund created to help designers receive the definitive choice of the
public and specialists at the end of 2013 so that the donation is 100% transparent.
Even though we start in small scale, achieving a big creative change
is our final mission. Please support and keep your eyes on us.